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Diagnosis: Generalized Anxiety Disorder

I have learned recently from an episode of the podcast Invisibilia that poets who are prone to using "I" statements are much more susceptible to committing suicide. Poets who write more broadly (i.e. using characters and "he", "she", "they" statements more often) are less likely to be depressed. The podcast episode highlights how looking at the world in a more "big picture" sense could lead to personal growth and healing, concluding that a change of perspective may be what a person needs to get unstuck or emerge from overwhelming emotional darkness.
To tie this to my mental health: I have basically always creatively written from an "I" perspective, dating back to stories I remember writing in elementary school. Sylvia Plath is my favorite poet, who famously used many "I" statements and took her own life in the winter of her 30th year. I have been planning for the past few years to get a tulip tattoo on my 30th birth…

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