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Fallen | Day 25 of 90

I rolled our portable air-conditioner into the storage closet and rolled out our dehumidifier. I unpacked our flannel sheets and a few of my cold-weather garments. Yesterday I even ate a pumpkin spice granola bar. Autumn has officially hit Portland.

My two consecutive days of working two work shifts are behind me and today I just get to putz around my apartment, do laundry, and take care of cats. My work schedule for next week seems as if it may be quite challenging, but if I keep in mind that the following week I'll be on a plane to Tennessee I know I'll be able to muster up enough energy to get through it.

My body feels so lethargic today; I know it's because I worked on my feet for 12+ hours yesterday but even after 2 cups of coffee I feel so drained.

I'm mentally hitting a wall this week and I know it's because I've had significantly less free time than I usually do. My vitamins should be arriving in the mail within the next few days so hopefully that will…

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