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Vegan Month of Food 2018 & ...a Podcast?

Why I'm not fun at parties: frequently asking if it's vegan, seething with general anxiety, and ruining your favorite things with intersectional feminist criticism since 2007.

As I lay on my bed with my laptop and my cat, his hair slowing falling onto the keyboard with every stroke of his fur and swat of his tail, I think about how I've never used the same moniker for Vegan Month of Food for two consecutive years...until now. I've been through so many blog names: Unbrushed Hair, Jenny Teacups, The Wanderlusting Mind, Vegan Pastry School, etc. Each one, with each loose 'theme', didn't quite communicate what I believed was a True depiction of myself. If it wasn't perfect, if the blog didn't feel quite right, after a year or less I'd decide to throw it out - delete and purge the blog as if it never existed in the first place.

So many years of noncommittal have led to this point. I am admittedly afraid of not being accurate enough. My pet peeves in…

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