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Visualizing Gratification

Seaglass, seafoam, mint green. Vodka martini with two olives. Soy café au lait. Hardcover memoirs. An organized desk. An empty kitchen sink. Walking through a quiet neighborhood in pleasant weather. Lack of clutter. My cat curled up on a mountain of pillows. An inviting restaurant booth. These are a few of the things that make me feel most at ease.

I recently came upon the New York Times30-Day Well Challenge, a science-backed challenge that encourages engagement in small tasks with the goal to strengthen health and happiness. Usually I don't subscribe to anything deemed a 'challenge' or a 'lifestyle change', but considering the solicitation to participate in this project was towards the bottom of the New York Times website and they specifically cite scientific research as an explanation for each daily prompt - what can it hurt?

Exercise - good. Reflecting and relaxing - good. Reaching out to people I care about - good. Mindful eating - good.

I signed up to partici…

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