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Peanut Butter Sweet Potato Dog Biscuits

I'm not having children.
This isn't a new decision. I've never had baby fever. I've never seen a photo for "Baby's First Christmas!" and thought, "I want that." If I'm at your baby shower, I'm uncomfortable. Honestly, even a child's birthday party sounds like a tough time. I'm not one to watch my language or feign enthusiasm. It's not that I don't like kids - it's that I have no interest in being part of the 'parenting' world. I'll be an aunt all day long - but that's it. I'm going home to my partner and my cat and I'm not going to worry about "losing my figure" and raising a happy, fully functional human being.
Cats and dogs, however, are another story. 
I've recently come into cat sitting and literally love every cat I meet. I swoon over dogs in the park across the street or being walked around my neighborhood. I try to sponsor a pet at the local humane society every year since…

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